Mission and Vision


To provide a full range of cost effective educational services in collaboration with area institutions of learning, businesses, and industries. These services would create opportunities so that each and every Potter County resident can achieve their educational, job and life goals.


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting area residents in their pursuit of higher education. The Potter County Education Council acts as a liaison between individual needs and area educational resources. We honor the fact that our success will be measured by our ability to plan and coordinate programs based on the astute assessment of community needs. We carry out accredited courses, skills training, seminars and workshops, as well as, career and financial counseling. We work closely with Potter County businesses and industry to create a strong economic base for our communities by providing a skilled and qualified employee base.


To serve as a catalyst in bringing new educational and training options to the area. To serve as a resource to businesses seeking access to workforce development training and post-secondary education. To serve as a clearinghouse for education and training resources in the area.