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In the early 1800s, the lumber industry was the main attraction convincing settlers and laborers to venture into the wild frontier of our own North Central Pennsylvania. The Lumber Heritage Region of Pennsylvania shares how the lumber industry is still going strong in our region in 2021.

Today, opportunity has grown in many other areas. HealthcareManufacturing, and Retail trade are now reported to be the largest industries in both McKean and Potter counties.

Each year, the PA Department of Labor and Industry provides reports on High Priority Occupations throughout our state. We pulled a few "Top 5" stats in demand, growth and average pay from the North Central PA numbers to capture a glimpse of what is going on in our local industries.

Highest Annual Demand for Positions
Truck drivers, freight movers, nursing assistants, repair workers, and retail supervisors are seeing the highest number of positions available each year, and are projected to continue at this rate through 2026. These positions are consistent with the biggest industries now operating in our region.

Highest Percent Growth
Of these occupations, Home Health Aides have the highest demand for positions with an estimated average of 92 each year.

While architecture is not a major occupation in North Central PA, relative to it's small size, it is growing significantly with an average demand of 3 positions each year. 

Overall, it is clear how the healthcare industry is growing rapidly in our region.

Highest Average Annual Wage
Finding a career is about evaluating personal strengths, local opportunity, and more, but we had to know... where is the money?

Operations managers, Industrial Engineers, Plumbers, Construction Supervisors, and Computer Systems Administrators are the top five occupations with the highest average annual wages, and 
support the reported prevalence of Manufacturing and Retail in our region.

Looking forward... Revitalization efforts, a low cost of living, and developing broadband access in North Central Pennsylvania has captured the interest of many. Remote employees and larger companies now see Potter and McKean counties as a viable location to live, work, and thrive.

The Potter County Education Council connects Potter and McKean county residents with opportunities in higher education, workforce training, small business support, high school career development, and more.

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